Why your Home needs a Pergola

An outdoor entertaining space is a dream for many Australian homeowners. But there’s no reason why it can’t become a reality. While decking and patios can be costly and take time to install, a pergola is cheap and easy to build and a great DIY project.

There are plenty of great reasons why a pergola would benefit your home.

It helps define the outdoor space

If your home doesn’t have a patio or an otherwise marked outdoor space, it can be difficult to define a clear outdoor entertaining area. While it can be convenient to move outdoor furniture to wherever you want in the garden, you may find yourself using your outdoor space less often because of the extra effort involved.

A defined outdoor entertaining area is also often more inviting than chairs and a table on the lawn. With a pergola, you can create an enticing outdoor space all year round. Set up outdoor furniture and accessories, like a hammock, barbeque and plants, and you’ll find yourself using your backyard more often.

It expands pre-existing outdoor spaces

Similarly, you can use the structure to connect to other outdoor living spaces. A pergola can extend your patio or verandah for those extra-large outdoor gatherings.

It creates privacy outdoors

While a traditional pergola doesn’t have walls, you can use latticework, screens, blinds or even curtains to create a little privacy in your backyard. This can be perfect for romantic evenings or if your neighbour’s property borders closely on yours.

Pergola Melbourne

It creates an additional gardening space

If space is scarce in your garden, you can also use the structure as a three-dimensional garden bed. Grow climbing flowers and vines across the open roof to create a green canopy. You can even create a green wall by growing climbing plants on a lattice attached to the framework.

You can also hang plants from the roof to create your own floating garden.

It provides shade

While roofs aren’t traditionally part of the pergola structure, you can modernise your new outdoor space with a natural green canopy of vines or even with a man-made canopy, like shade cloth or waterproof fabric. A cloth or fabric canopy can even be retractable, so you can let the sun in as you please.

It can provide shelter on rainy days

Adding a waterproof canopy can also be a great way to enjoy a rainy day outdoors without getting wet. You can listen to the rain patter and watch it fall around you from your own dry outdoor space.

It can add value to your property

For a relatively low installation cost, a pergola can add value to your property. They add character to a backyard by creating a beautiful space to relax and entertain. Potential buyers may appreciate that the home comes with this feature. Have a look on 5 Reasons to consider a Home Renovation

A pergola is a fantastic addition to any backyard. They make excellent and versatile outdoor entertaining areas that can be customised to suit your needs, while adding value to your property.