How to Restyle Different Areas Around Your Home

If you want to freshen up your home, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars renovating every single inch of your living space. Changing just one thing in each section of your home can go a long way in keeping your property fresh and exciting. Maybe a stone benchtop is enough to revitalise your kitchen. Perhaps placing a few mirrors in the living room will make the space look bigger and more welcoming.

In this blog, we’re going to go over five major sections of your home and give you suggestions on what you should change for each area. Though our focus will be more on aesthetics, we will also discuss some of the practicalities of these changes.

Without further ado, here’s a short guide on how to restyle every area in your house.

1. Kitchen Benchtops

The benchtop is the crown jewel of your kitchen. It’s one of the largest visual attractions of the area and the backbone of every cooking space. Since your choice of benchtop material can easily make or break your kitchen, it’s essential that you choose wisely.

There are two important aspects in choosing the right benchtop material. The first aspect is your home decor. Do you have a rustic space or is it more of a modern home? Indeed, the right benchtop material for you will depend on the aesthetic of your property. For example, if you want a homely and cosy atmosphere, you may want to opt for a timber benchtop. On the other hand, if you want a grand and luxurious look, then marble or granite benchtops are the way to go.

Stone Benchtops Melbourne

Once you’ve chosen the aesthetic that you want, it’s worth having a think about the practicalities of the material. For instance, natural stone benchtops are more vulnerable to moisture damage in comparison to engineered stones. Marble and granite benchtops will need to be sealed every half a year or so to mitigate staining or water damage.

So, if you want a beautiful marble benchtop, you need to consider how much maintenance work you’re willing to do. Consider if the money you’re spending on re-sealing work is worth the aesthetic value of the stone.

2. Living Room Rugs

The rug underneath your coffee table isn’t going to be the most eye-catching feature of your living room. However, it’s still an important centrepiece and choosing the right rug can do wonders for the overall atmosphere of the space.

To help you choose, let’s look at the two major categories of rugs. The first are traditional rugs. These are typically oriental or Persian rugs that feature bright, ornate design elements which include filigree or mandala-like patterns. In most cases, these patterns are inspired by certain cultures or religions. So, if you want your living room rug to reflect your personal beliefs and values, then traditional rugs might be for you. Nations like India, Afghanistan and Turkey are amongst the best importers of traditional rugs in the world.

Living Room Rug

The other category are contemporary rugs. These modern rugs are much less ornate and focus more on minimalist designs. The colours of contemporary rugs are also more muted. Because of their characteristics, it’s best to use modern rugs to highlight other parts of your living room. For example, if you have a light-coloured coffee table, having a dark rug underneath it can make it standout. Contemporary rugs are also great if you’re going for a monochromatic look.

3. Bedroom Walls

Studies have shown that the colours on the walls of your bedroom (or indeed any room) can affect your mood. For most people, it’s important to choose a colour that’s relaxing and allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

Blue is said to be the best colour to have on your walls if you want to feel calm in your bedroom. Light, muted tones of blue mimic the clear skies and create feelings of relaxation and serenity. Green, on the other hand, mimics the foliage of nature and provides a refreshing feeling. Lastly, yellow brings a lot of joy and energy to the room.

Of course, you can also use a wallpaper. Nowadays, there are plenty of services that allow you to make your own customer wallpaper. Maybe you want a wallpaper of your favourite movie or perhaps a wallpaper that represents your culture or religion. Regardless, this is a great opportunity to personalise your space and make it your own.

4. Entrance Hall Plants

Placing plants near the entrance of your hallway is a great way to set the mood when you get home from work or when you have guests over. Indeed, plants and nature in general have a calming effect on us. Studies have found that even the simple act of taking care of a plant can lower our stress response. Certain plants can even help to improve air quality. The most effective plants are said to be the Boston fern, the Ficus tree and bamboo palms.

If you have a modern home with a lot of white tones, the green hues of your plants can also act as colour accents. You can even add flowers if you want more colour variation. All these features can create a welcome atmosphere in your entrance hall.

5. Outdoor Furniture

Having chairs and benches in your backyard can transform an unused space into a haven or relaxation and respite. Furniture gives your outdoor area a practical purpose and adds some visual variety to the area.

Since your outdoor furniture is going to be exposed to the sun and the rain, you need to choose a material that’s weather-proof and durable. One of the best materials that you can get is teak wood. Teak wood has natural oils within it that allows it to reject moisture, repel insects and endure extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Furniture

In terms of aesthetics, teak has a natural honey-gold colour that shines under the Australian sun. Teak furniture is a great addition to any outdoor space, whether it’s a patio, swimming pool or a veranda.

There you have five ways to restyle your home. Hopefully, this inspired you to come up with other ideas on how to revamp your house without breaking the bank. If you need to help with budgeting or design planning, we recommend contacting specialists for each of the items we’ve listed above. Be sure to contact reliable benchtop suppliers, house painters and furniture manufacturers in your area.

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