How to Enhance your Home’s Entryway

Few homeowners consider how important their home’s entryway is. But your entry hall is the space that sets the tone for the rest of your home. It’s here that guests form their first impressions so getting this space right can go a long way to setting the overall tone and aesthetic for your home.

Is your entry hall a bit bland and uninspired? Don’t panic. We have some tips below to create a grand entryway for your home.

Try feature Walls or Floors

Use a feature wall or floor as an opportunity to contrast materials and colours to the rest of the room to great effect. A New York marble floor will stand out when contracted against standard plaster walls, adding an atmosphere of elegance to the space. Or you could try a detailed parquet floor or large patterned rug to draw visitors in. Think about the atmosphere you’d like to create and how this can be achieved.

Alternatively, you can try statement pieces. This could be works of art, like paintings or statues. Choose tasteful works that complement one another and illustrate parts of your personality. For instance, if you’re a bold and lively character, choose modern works with bright colours and strong lines.

Draw Attention to the Ceiling

If a feature wall or floor isn’t working for you, you can try creating a feature ceiling instead. Whether it’s detailed plastering with ceiling roses and embellishments or a painted masterpiece, choose something that complements the style of your home. Remember that people generally don’t look up at the ceiling, so you want to make sure that any ceiling decoration is done in such a way that it captures the attention of any visitors.

Add Mirrors

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Mirrors are a must-have in any entryway. Beyond practical considerations, like allowing you a final glimpse of yourself before leaving for the day, they serve other decorative purposes. For instance, a key element of successful home design is using mirrors to create a greater sense of space. Strategically placed mirrors in your entry hall can make the space feel larger as well as improving the natural light.

Your mirrors can also function as statement pieces. Don’t be afraid to choose odd-shaped mirrors or ones with intricate framing.

Be Adventurous with Lighting

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a distinctive light but been unable to find a room for it, now is the time. Choose something that reflects your personality and tastes but also bathes the room in a warming glow.

Once you start looking, you’re bound to find a whole range of quirky and alternative lights you’ll love. The trick is keeping things tasteful and not going overboard when lighting your entryway.

Emphasise Architectural Elements

Make the most of the space by using the existing architectural elements to your advantage. Try directing guests’ eyes to a feature architectural element and make sure it shines with additional finishing touches.

You could even include some fresh architectural elements too. Try some carrara marble pillars for a truly grand and luxurious look. And it needn’t be expensive — engineered marble can be just as good as natural marble but cheaper.

Don’t forget Practical Needs

And while deciding on decorative elements can certainly be a whirlwind of fun, don’t forget about practicalities. Your entryway also needs to accommodate guests and their needs.

Firstly, make sure your entryway isn’t overcrowded with decorative touches as you don’t want the space to feel cluttered. Ensure there are sufficient storage options including coat, hat and umbrella stands or shoe racks. A small side table or bureau can also be convenient to hold keys, purses and handbags. Think about what would best suit you and won’t lead to the space feeling cluttered. Read more about home improvement and decor tips.

Grand entryways aren’t just for mansions and manors — turn your own foyer or entryway into a luxurious space to impress guests using these handy tips. Remember to show off your personality through the décor and design but keep things practical.