Everything You Need To Know About Property Styling

Melbourne is the city of art and culture. If you are living in Melbourne, then you must have observed the innovative visual artworks and increasing demand for real estate. Due to this, requirement for the highly functional home is also increasing.

If you want to create the functional yet appealing look for your home, then it should be decorated to suit the needs and lifestyle of the potential buyers. There are several elements of home decorating in Melbourne that support the decorating process of homes ranging from accessories like stylish pillows furniture, artwork, different design styles and much more.

One of the ways to enhance the look of your home is through property styling.

What Is Property Styling?

Property Stylist Melbourne

Whether you want to increase your property’s value or thinking for selling, the first impression counts.  To give your home a lasting impression, property styling or home staging is your ultimate choice.

In today’s real-estate market, property styling has become an important part in order to get the best sale price. It involves the use of a wide range of presentation and design techniques to enhance the appeal of your home and help it to put at its best face in front of potential buyers.

Why Should You Opt for Property Styling?

Your property needs to be presented brilliantly in person or online to get the maximum amount in less period of time. Property styling is the ultimate way toward getting the pleasing look of your home. Apart from this, it also offers several benefits including:-

  • It allows you to decorate your home with accessories, furniture and decor
  • Help you to create an appealing and attractive environment for your target buyer
  • Adds a warmth and character to your empty home
  • Your property stand out uniquely from other similar properties
  • Help you sell your home for more than it’s worth

In order to create a stylish look and feel for your property that appeals to target buyers, property stylist in Melbourne is here to help you. If you are keen to know how it works, here’s a good read on how does home staging process work.

Role of Property Stylist in Property Styling

A property stylist or home stager specialise in dressing a home to sell, using rental arrangements and range of other home accessories. They take a step forward to enhance your home’s ambience and functionality. This home decorating Melbourne process could include removing certain home elements or rearranging furniture, as well as decluttering areas to make them open and welcoming.

Using knowledge and expertise, Melbourne property stylist helps you to create a stunning impression in the first 40 seconds after someone walks through your door they are much likely to be attracted. They exactly know how to get the best out of an interior space helping you boost your sale price.

When To Use Property Styling?

When you observe the recovery in the property market, then it is important to take the advantage of it and ensure that your property stands out uniquely from other properties in the market. Property styling is an excellent option for premium homes to luxury homes, where property stylist in Melbourne makes the most out your property location and architectural features.

Whether you want to create a feeling of relaxation in your home’s interior, hide the negatives of your property or maximise the return on investment, choosing a professional property styling service is the smart decision.

Why Styling Your Home is Essential for Sale?

Melbournians usually sale or rent their property in order to get the maximum return. Property styling is gaining popularity, as professional Melbourne property stylist helps you to improve the chances of selling a property and get the highest possible sale price. Also, it is the fact that buying a property is one of the emotional decisions and no buyer will compromise on the look of the property.

Through effective property styling service, you can modify your interior spaces based on buyer’s requirements and specifications. This way, it helps you to achieve the best possible price for your property.

How Much Should You Pay For Property Styling?

The cost of the property styling depends on the location, size of your property and how much furniture and styling you required. On an average property styling cost start around $2500 + GST for simple 1 bedroom apartment and approximately $8000 + GST for 5 bedroom home with all furniture, artwork and styling pieces provided.


Wishing to see a new transformation for your new home space and get the maximum sale price? Consider this guide for property styling, which helps you with all your requirements from selling your home with a high price to decorating.  Also, you can transform your under-utilised space into a fully functional area with the help of property stylist in Melbourne.