8 Tips for Decorating your Home this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore the world. But if you’re going to be spending a bit more time at home this summer (thanks, Melbourne lockdown), you want to make sure your home has that cool summer vibe, and we have some design tips to help.

1. Bring in bright colours

Create a summer atmosphere with bright, warm colours. Use yellows, oranges and greens to bring to mind sunny days and green spaces.

This doesn’t have to mean repainting your home or drastically changing your décor. All you need to do is switch up a few key items, like rugs, sheets and even lamp shades. Add a few extra decorative touches to tie it all together, like brightly coloured flowers.

2. Follow a theme

If you want to take your summer look to the next level, pick a suitable theme and run with it. On-trend themes include tropical and coastal. Choose décor in appropriate prints, like a jungle print designer rug or seashell print cushions. With these themes, you can transform your home into a beachside getaway, no matter how far you are from the ocean.

Try not to go overboard though, or your home can quickly start looking tacky or cluttered. Instead, aim for minimal and subtle changes. Have your key pieces, like a throw or artwork, and then complement them with smaller pieces. For instance, pair your jungle rug with some indoor pot plants to emphasise the sense of greenery. Or select a few seaside curios to go with your seashell cushions, like sea glass or a ship in a bottle, to conjure up memories of days at the beach.

3. Reflect light

Capitalise on the sunshine that comes into your home by reflecting it around the space. You can do this by adding some white soft furnishings and carefully positioned mirrors. This can make the space feel larger and more open.

And once you’ve got your space feeling bright and open, throw open the windows to let in a breeze. This will help make it feel like you’re outdoors even when you’re kicking back on the couch.

4. Use light and natural fabrics

Conjure up that breezy summer feeling by opting for light and natural fabrics. Choose fabrics that breathe well and feel great against your skin, like cotton or linen. Use these fabrics for soft furnishings, like cushions, bedsheets and even rugs and curtains.

Lighter, natural fabrics like these can also make it easier to cope with the hot days and sweltering nights. Don’t forget to choose them in summer colours or to suit your theme.

You can also try other natural fibres, like jute and seagrass, to bring nature indoors. These fibres often also complement a coastal theme with their weathered appearance.

5. Rearrange your furniture

Change your furniture layout to look outwards rather than inwards. This way, you can enjoy watching summer days and nights from the comfort of your home. Make the most of the views your home affords or even create your own with pot plants and tasteful art.

Moving your furniture around can also make your home feel new, getting you in a positive mindset for a fresh new season.

6. Add some fresh summer scents

Create a summer sensory experience in your home with some authentic summer scents. Think about what smells say summer to you. This could include citrus, flowers, coconut and even cut grass. Then all you need to do is sprinkle your home with these scents.

There are lots of ways you can make your home smell just right, including fresh flowers, scented candles, incense and diffusers. Choose scents that complement each other and suit your home.

Take care not to over perfume your home though. This can make the space uncomfortable for people with allergies.

7. Celebrate previous summers

Summer is a great time to take holidays and make treasured memories. And even if you can’t go away this summer, you can recall past trips using select décor. Try different and stylish ways to display photos and souvenirs without risking the space becoming tacky.

For instance, print a set of photobooks and select a few key souvenirs. Then set them all up on a shelf so you can browse through memories with guests or whenever you want a mini holiday.

8. Decorate outdoors

Your outdoor areas should be decorated with as much as care as any indoor space. Doing so can turn an average outdoor space into a stylish spot for drinks and barbecues with friends.

To create an inviting space, ensure there’s plenty of lighting, including out in the garden. Hang twinkle lights around the main area and put up solar lights in the garden, for example.

You and your guests should also have adequate privacy while outside, so try using natural green screens or even some light, gauzy curtains to shield you from prying eyes. This can also help make the space feel more intimate.

Don’t forget to stick to your summer theme and colours. Add some soft furnishings, like cushions and an outdoor rug, that match what you have inside. This creates good flow through your home and makes your outdoor space more comfortable.

With your home perfectly styled for summer, you’ll have sunshine on even the gloomiest of days. Use the tips above to create a relaxing and sunny home for this favourite season.

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