5 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Privacy

When you’re at home, you want to be able to unwind and relax. You don’t want to hear any noise coming from the outside and you certainly don’t want anyone peering into your home.

Unfortunately, not all homes are going to have the privacy features that you want. So, if you want your home to be your very own safe haven, you’re going to need to make a few upgrades.

In this blog, we’ll take you through 5 different ways to improve your home’s privacy.

1. Install plantation shutters

Plantation shutters will prevent people from peering into your windows. Unlike regular Venetian blinds and light curtains, plantation shutters are solid and sturdy. They won’t break down easily or get swept up by a strong breeze.

Additionally, plantation shutters can be custom-made to have an internal locking system. With such a locking system, it will be extremely difficult for a burglar to break through both your glass windows and your shutters. If you choose to install PVC shutters, you can even get the manufacturers to reinforce the blades with an aluminium core for added security.

PVC Plantation Shutters

If you’re worried about your home not getting enough natural light, don’t worry. Many manufacturers can make folding, sliding or mounted shutters. These shutters can be opened and closed whenever you like. If you want to let some air in, you can simply open up your shutters and use your windows like normal. When the night comes and you want more privacy, you can just close the shutters again.

2. Add a fountain

When you think of a backyard fountain, you probably think of a large tiered fountain made of stone. However, there is a range of smaller, more affordable fountains available in the market. There are Japanese bamboo fountains, wall fountains and birdbaths.

Now, you might be wondering: what use does a fountain have beyond decorative purposes? Well, the sounds that a fountain makes can drown out the noise coming from the roads and from your neighbours’ properties. It also works the other way around. The noise coming from your fountain will drown out your words if you ever find yourself talking to someone in the backyard.

In addition to this, the ambient sounds that water fountains make tend to be very calming. The soothing sound of trickling water along with the chirping of the birds is a very relaxing atmosphere indeed. So, if you want to set up a private meditation area in your backyard, a water fountain may be a great starting point.

3. Consider a privacy fence

Fences will prevent your neighbours from peeking into your backyard while you’re lounging in your patio or terrace. If you have an outdoor pool, you can also add additional pool fencing to ensure that you have privacy when you’re going out for a dip.

The great thing about fences is that they come in different materials. There’s PVC, aluminium and timber fencing. So, whether your home is modern or rustic, you’ll have a variety of styles to choose from.


When choosing a fencing style, just make sure you’re aware of all the relevant fencing laws in your area of residence. In Australia, pool fencing must:

  • Be at least 1.2m high with a 100mm ground clearance
  • Not have climbable features
  • Be strong enough to withstand strong winds

4. Add plants and trees

If you don’t like the artificial look of fences, you can also plant trees and bushes to keep your backyard private. In Victoria, there isn’t really anything in the form of a specific regulation that’s stopping you from growing trees on your property. So, unlike fences, you pretty much have free rein when it comes to foliage.

If you’re worried about your neighbour suspecting that you’re shutting them out, foliage is an implicit way of improving your home’s privacy. Besides, adding trees and shrubs is a great way of decorating your backyard. A nice, relaxing water fountain and some greenery is a recipe for a great outdoor space.

5. Install a trellis

Perhaps you want both the structural integrity of fencing and the natural ambience of foliage. If this is the case, consider installing a trellis in your backyard.

Traditionally, a trellis is a structure that is made up of intersecting wood, usually creating a lattice pattern. There are also trellises made up of bamboo and metal.

The purpose of a trellis is to support climbing plants as they grow. They’re great for displaying plants and flowers like morning glory, ivy or wisteria. Of course, they’re also great for obscuring the view in your backyard. With a nice trellis, you can be sure that no one is peering in your backyard.

There you have it, five different ways to improve your home’s privacy. If you feel that you can benefit from any of these solutions, be sure to contact a professional to help you upgrade your home. If you have any questions about the legalities of fences and other home renovation projects, be sure to refer to your local government’s website.

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